Jamie Reilly, Global Creative Leader 
(ex Vans, Apple, Google, RedBull, Target, Pixar)
Hi, that's me to the left. I’m a global creative leader with executive experience on some of the best brands in the world. I’m a collaborative, strategic thinker, a team builder, a decent human being, intellectually curious, and a funny story teller :) 
Most recently, as Vice President of Global Creative at Vans, I led all global creative responsibilities, overseeing the creative work for all the brand’s consumer touch points: brand and product advertising, store design, branded content, online presence, events, etc. During that time I built up and managed a diverse, cross functional team (85 employees in the global function with 30 more in the regional offices) to handle all of our in house creative and production work. 
In the nearly seven years I was there, we doubled Vans' revenue, to almost $5bn while transforming from a wholesale based, sales led model, to a direct to consumer led business with over 500 stores in the U.S. alone. In addition to my creative leadership, I served as a mentor and an executive sponsor of Vans BIPOC employee resource group.
Previous to my time at Vans, I spent 15 years working at ad agencies on brands like RedBull, Pixar, Google, Target, Samsung, and a great deal of time on Apple. I worked on Apple during a particularly interesting and significant time in the brand’s evolution from an innovative computer company to the technology giant we know today. I have extensive experience helping technologically sophisticated companies connect with their audience by telling their stories in engaging, emotional, human terms.
I’m interested in working in companies or industries where I can learn things from smart people, make things that we can all get excited about, and where the things I know are valuable. For example, I’d love to help a company founded by scientists or engineers figure out how to position a new product.
I like being outside, eating delicious things, cooking delicious things, my children, my wife, our dogs, being outside with dogs, dogs in general, traveling, and making my friends laugh.